Questions and Answers

After the discourse there will be a Question and Answer session. The procedure for asking questions for the Master’s Satsang Programme in Malaga has changed to a token selection system. If you wish to ask a question during the Satsang Programme, please adhere to the following:

  • If time permits, first take your seat in the Main Hall and then go to the Questions and Answers selection area which is located in the Malaga Hall. The Malaga Hall is situated in passage B behind the Main Hall. Please refer to the RSSB Centre map to locate this area.

  • The selection area will open at 6:30am and will close at 8:00am. If you wish to ask a question, you must be there before 8:00am.

  • Only those 18 years of age or older may ask questions.

  • Questioners will be selected through a random draw of tokens, some of which are blank and some of which are numbered. Only those who select a numbered token will be permitted to ask a question. Ladies and Gents will be selected in equal proportions.

  • If you have not been selected you must return to your original seat in the Main Hall and you may try again the next day.

  • Once the selection is complete, no one else should get up to try to ask questions during the Question and Answer session. Only those selected will be allowed to ask a question for that day.

  • Questions should only be asked either in English, Hindi or Punjabi.

  • Two lines will be formed – one for English and another for Hindi/Punjabi. If you are selected you will be placed in line according to the language in which you stated that you will ask your question. You must ask your question in that language.

  • If you wish to ask a question in any other language other than English, Hindi or Punjabi, you must have your question translated in English on paper before going to the selection area in the Malaga Hall. If you require help in translating your question into English, please contact your local Secretary who will arrange for a translator to assist you with the translation. The translation into English should be written in BLOCK PRINT LETTERS on a colored paper. The questioner should remember to bring his or her translated question with them on the day of Master’s satsang. Please do not forget this. If you are selected during the selection process in Malaga, a translator will stand next to you at the microphone to ask the question on your behalf.

  • Questions should be short and precise.

  • Only one question should be asked.

  • Questions should be of a spiritual nature and not about personal, financial, health, family, or political problems.

  • Questions should not be asked on behalf of others.

  • Long notes, poems or letters should not be read, nor should there be any singing of shabads or songs.

  • Please do not interrupt the Master while he is answering your question; let him finish speaking before responding.

  • If you have been selected and have the opportunity to ask a question, please do not put yourself forward again for the other days.


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