Family Area

All children who have not reached their 10th birthday on the day of the satsang will not be permitted to enter the Satsang Hall, even if they are accompanied by a parent or family guardian. For this reason a Family Area is available for parents or guardians to look after their children themselves during Satsang and Question & Answer session. Please remember that the Family Area is not a facility where sevadars care for the children. The care of the children is entirely the responsibility of a parent or designated guardian.

The Family Area will open from 6:30am until the end of the Satsang Programme. Sangat arriving by car with children are requested to park in Parking C as it is the closest to the Family Area. Please refer to the RSSB Centre Map to locate this parking.

Guidelines for Parents/Guardians using the Family Area

Those wishing to use the Family Area must comply with the following guidelines:

1.The Family Area is open to children who are less than 10 years of age.

2. Children may only stay in the Family Area if they are under the care and supervision of a parent or family guardian.

3. One parent or adult guardian (minimum 18 years of age) may care for a maximum of four children.

4. One youth guardian (who is at least 16 years of age and is a family member) may care for a maximum of two children.

5. Children aged 10 to 13 years may use the Family Area (but must be accompanied by one parent or guardian) or go to the main Satsang Hall (also accompanied by a parent or guardian). All children aged 14 years and over must go into the Satsang Hall.

6. Parents or guardians may network among themselves to help care for each other's children but this must strictly be done outside the Family Area, as once a parent or guardian has entered the Family Area, they will not be allowed to leave until after the Satsang Programme is over. Parents or guardians are to remain with their children the entire time.

7. No child may leave the Family Area unless accompanied by the person responsible for that child. No person who brings a child to the Family Area may leave the Family Area without taking the child.

8. Parents or guardians should never leave their child/children unattended. Your child is your responsibility, please ensure you keep your child under your supervision and in your sight at all times. RSSB Spain accepts no liability for lost or separated children.

9. Parents and guardians using the Family Area are required to see that the children they are caring for are well behaved and that their children do not indulge in any unruly or violent activities.

10. The person responsible for a child in the Family Area undertakes to ensure that the child suffers no harm in connection with the use of the Family Area, and agrees to be personally accountable for any failure to protect the child from harm. RSSB Spain accepts no liability for any actions, omissions or injury to the child or guardian whilst using the Family Area.

11. Parents and guardians are requested not to bring any type of toys to the Family Area, as it is fully equipped with toys, games, books, arts and crafts to entertain the children.

12. Please remember that mobile phones, electronic games, cameras, binoculars, laser pointers, ipads, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, smartwatches, fitness bands, audio & video recorders, or any other electronic items are not allowed in the Family Area.

13. Be sure to bring any medications your child may need. Children with any infectious disease such as chicken pox, measles, etc, should not be brought to the Family Area under any circumstances. Please be considerate towards other children.

14. It can be cold in the Family Area, so please dress the children appropriately.

15. Once the Satsang Programme is over, family members picking up their relatives from the Family Area are requested to wait outside the facility for their relatives to exit, as no one is allowed to enter the Family Area after Satsang.

16. Photography and audio/video recording is strictly prohibited.


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